West Side – Folly Beach neighborhoods

You enter the West side of Folly Beach by turning right at the traffic light where Ashley Avenue becomes the oceanfront road, and leads all the way to the Folly Beach County Park.  It is the quieter, more residential side, with less traffic heading this way.  Because of  the larger East side and the washout, most people turn left at the traffic light, leaving the west side to enjoy leisurely strolls to the beach.

This area is skinnier than the east side with the Folly River cutting back towards the ocean.  Odd numbered homes on Ashley avenue are oceanfront and even numbered are 2nd row.  The only other long street in this neighborhood is Cooper Avenue and it ends on 5th Street.  Also West Beach Court, a cul-de-sac community off Ashley Ave., has mostly permanent residents and a short walk to the beach.  West 9th Street leads to the Sunset Cay marina with boat access, fishing, and amazing views of the sunset.

There is a playground at the end of Cooper at 5th street.  Every block has a beach walkover with parking, along with mid-block access points.  There is a City of Folly Beach facility at Ashley Ave & 3rd Street with restroom facilities and showers for cleaning off the sand on the way home from the beach.