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Examples of typical Folly Beach lots. You can see where an owner has subdivided, creating 2 half lots.











With demand high and inventory low, prices of existing homes on Folly Beach have increased, leading many buyers to explore buying a lot and building a home. There are many details involved with purchasing land, and it is important that you work with an experienced agent who can make the process a success.
The first thing to consider is location. Oceanfront is the most desired by owners and vacationers alike, and will be the highest priced. Some of these lots may be vacant, and others may have an older home existing that could be torn down to make room for a newer model. Second row lots can offer views of the ocean, and are a value to the budget. Lots with views of the Folly River or even dockable access to the river will also come at a premium. Interior island lots will be the most affordable, and allow for easy living on Folly with a short walk to the ocean.
The majority of parcels on the island measure 75 feet wide by 150 feet long, and will be approximately a quarter acre. A few lots have been cut through the middle, known as half-lots, and will measure 75 feet by 75 feet. There are a few spots on the island that offer larger, less uniformed shaped lots, and these will carry a premium. The neighborhood of Sunset Point was developed in the 1980’s, after much of the island was developed, and can have larger lots, and has the advantage of city sewer disposal throughout.
Sewage disposal is an important factor when considering purchasing a lot and building a home on Folly Beach. The majority of the island is not serviced by city sewer and will require a septic tank and drain fields. These areas must be identified prior to construction, as they must be clear of buildings and any ground coverings. The topography and elevation of the lot may restrict the size of the sewage disposal tank, thus restricting the size of the home that can be built on the lot. Since this is common on Folly there are many experts that are available to help walk through the evaluation process. The septic system will be permitted by the SC Dept of Health and Environmental Control and much more information can be found on their website.


A survey is another important part of the purchasing process. Not only will the surveyor identify property boundaries, they will identify the elevation of the property and any easements that convey with the lot. Elevation is important when evaluating flood insurance of your new building. While it is code that the foundation be above the required flood elevation, the elevation you start from will dictate the foundation supports needed and ultimately the cost of construction of the foundation. Easements must be identified, and one of the most common on Folly Beach is the right-of-way that allows public parking on private lots for approximately the first 10 feet from the pavement of the main road. These are a few of the examples of why an expert is needed when purchasing a lot.
Some preferred builders on Folly Beach are:

Gary Brown Construction
31-B Center Street
Folly Beach, SC 29439

CDI Homes
79 W 2nd Street
Folly Beach, SC 29439

Michael Riffert – Construction Consultants
PO Box 1922
Folly Beach, SC 29439