Folly Beach Library and Community Center

Folly Beach Library and Community Center

  Located at 55 Center Street, Folly Beach, SC 29439, the Folly Beach public library is a great way to enjoy a rainy day or get out of the sun for a while. It is part of the Charleston County Public library system and has all the resources you need to find...
March 2013 Folly Beach Real Estate Market Report

Ocean Front Market Info

Below are graphs which summarize the market activity for oceanfront homes on Folly Beach, SC since 1998. Average sales price and number of homes sold are shown.  

East Side Folly Beach

Come down to Center Street and take a left to enjoy the East Side of Folly Beach. Full of activity from beachgoers, to surfers, to Bert’s market and funky beach eateries.

West Side Folly Beach

Come down to Folly Beach and take a right off Center Street to enjoy the West side of Folly. Most of the traffic flows to the east side, so the west side is known for a quiet residential community. At the end of the west side is Folly Beach county park.