As I had explained in my previous post for tip 3 for 9 Must-Have Tips for Running your Vacation Rental like a Business

A vacation rental is both a fun place to stay and an investment opportunity. And a part of that responsibility is ensuring that you run your business smoothly. When you own a vacation rental, you want to have good cash flow, avoid tax penalties, stay organized, have a great presentation, minimize risk and ensure your customers are satisfied.

I want to continue to try and provide you with all the info you may need to help guide you through the jungle of beach vacation property rental pitfalls.

Tip 4

If you want to effectively advertise your vacation rental, you MUST use professional photos. When you look at a hotel or home for sale, do you want to see photos taken on a cell phone? Get professional photography. Just do it. One reason I like Evolve Vacation Rental is because the service will pay for your professional photos when you sign up! If you are in a seasonal region, I suggest having 2 sets of photos which you can swap out so the show the property in both winter and summer if possible.