It’s no secret that Folly Beach has a way of attracting a wide variety of personalities and characters, and it is obvious that they all share a love for their seaside community. Among this assorted group of Folly locals are many talented artists creating unique artwork, most inspired by their coastal environment. These artists bring color and creativity to the community and their art can be found all throughout town.

Chris Kemp - Illustrator - (ARTOFKEMP.COM)
When Chris Kemp moved to Folly Beach, he found a place that inspired his creative side and allowed him to be truly himself. The community has received Kemp and his artwork with open arms, as he has become the go-to illustrator for everyone in town, including Bert’s Market, Chico Feo, Folly Beach Farmers Market, McKelvin's Surf Shop, Surf Warrior Foundation, and The Folly Current. You’ve probably seen his work, whether you know it or not, on anything from board shorts at McKevlin's Surf Shop to beer cans at Revelry Brewing. Kemp describes his style as illustrative and exaggerative, as he focuses his subject matter on daily observations and things he finds humorous. He uses a variety of mediums, depending on the project, including acrylic paint, pen, spray paint, watercolor, and more.

Justin Morris - Photographer - (FOLLYHOOD.COM)
Justin Morris is a self-taught photographer, who specializes in outdoor and natural light photography, specifically around the ocean and other bodies of water. Morris has created a blog called Follyhood, which showcases Folly locals and the surfing lifestyle that are an integral part of the Folly Beach community. He has photographed many different oceanscapes that he can turn into art for your wall. His most known photographs are of waves in motion, and can usually be found at the Folly Beach Farmers Market.

Sherry Browne - Paper Cutter & Framer - Owner of Studio Open
Sherry Browne, 30-year resident and business owner on Folly Beach, is a paper cutter that uses paper to uniquely exhibit her impressionist style. Her art and framing gallery, Studio Open, welcomes the curious. Browne considers this gallery to be Folly Beach’s own Art and Natural History Museum. Studio Open showcases lots of local jewelry, handmade pottery, and hand painted glass, as well as nature’s art, including seashells, driftwood, and a variety of fossils. She is also an experienced framer, and provides that service for a great price. The gallery is located at 103 W. Erie Ave on Folly Beach.

Briahna Wenke - Painter & Creator of Paint with a Buzz - (PAINTWITHABUZZ.COM) (ARTBYBRI.COM)
Painting from an early age, Briahna Wenke was creating large scale murals for small businesses by age 16. After moving to the Lowcountry in 2014 to pursue a life as a full time painter, Wenke experienced how receptive the Charleston area was to local art. Creating richly textured acrylic paintings on wood, her artwork is a reflection of the natural world, always changing and in motion. Wenke’s artwork can be spotted in local businesses throughout Folly Beach, as well as on display at the Downtown Charleston Night Market and the Folly Beach Farmers Market. Additionally, Wenke works to tap into everyone’s creative side, through Paint with a Buzz. For $35, you can follow Wenke’s step by step instructions to create a beautiful painting, with a drink in hand. Classes are offered at Chico Feo on Folly Beach every Thursday from 5-7pm!