The Folly River does not know what is coming on Saturday September 17th, 2011, as the Folly Beach Float Frenzy comes to town.  Bring your float down to the Folly Beach boat landing on Center Street and join in the celebration as all of your Folly friends launch down the Folly River to Sunset Cay Marina.  The festivities begin at 12:00 noon and the race will start at 1:00 Folly time.  Awards will be given for Most Seaworthy, Most Follified, Last One In, and more.  There will be a party at Sunset Cay Marina after the race, with food, beverages, and live music from Graham Whorley and his new band Stone Silicon. All proceeds will be donated to Folly families in need.

Make sure you give lots of thought to your float decorations, I am sure it will be a sight to see!

For more information visit the Sunset Cay website.   Here are the rules posted on the website and some raft building links to help.

Float Frenzy Rules

The Float Frenzy Committees promote a safe, family-oriented event. We encourage all participants
to act in a responsible sportsman-like manner, obey all safety requirements and rules, assist their fellow
rafters when necessary, and above all, enjoy the event. A safe float frenzy will insure that we are able to
hold the event each year. Remember, safety comes first! Watch out for fellow rafters, lend assistance
when needed, have fun and this is not a race.

1. Animals are allowed, but clean-up materials are required.
2. Course starts from the West side of the Folly River Bridge to the Sunset Cay Marina.
3. Anticipated race duration is from approx. noon – 4:00 p.m.
4. All entries will be required to accept a tow if found to be floundering mid-race and/or have not
finished by 4:00 p.m.
5. All rafts must be of homemade construction.
6. All raft entries have a minimum crew size of 3.
7. No commercially manufactured hulls (incl sweepers) allowed or as a part of any raft.
8. Inner tubes or other inflatable devices are allowed.
9. Minimum raft size is 4′ x 8′ and must be able to support the weight of the crew. Raft size to be measured
at the waterline.
10. A raft’s deck must be securely fastened to a frame and the frame securely fastened to the hulls and
or flotation devices.
11. The use of nails below the water line is prohibited.
12. Rafts that have open hulls with no bulkheads shall have Styrofoam flotation fastened to the underside
of the raft deck.
13. Aftermarket marine rigging such as cleats & rope are acceptable.
14. All sheet metal raw edges to be turned over and taped.
15. Any protruding long bolts to be sawed off, filed, and taped.
16. All rafts will be inspected prior to launching and may be subject to modification at the discretion of
the Float Frenzy Ofiicials.
17. Contact a float frenzy official if you are planning to put your watercraft in the water earlier than
Saturday, September 17.
18. Kayaks and Paddle Boarders are encouraged to attend but will not qualify as entries.
19. Kayaks and Paddle Boarders should use the buddy system during the event and/or team up with
float entries.
20. No entry can be powered or self-propelled. All use of poles, paddlewheels, sails, propellers, flippers,
etc. or any combination thereof is prohibited.
21. Oars and paddles are allowed for navigation. This is not a race.
22. All vessels must be removed from the river at the end of the day unless other arrangements have
been made with Frenzy Officials.
23. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
24. Derelict vessels are subject to police action and/or fines from the D.N.R. and risk permanent disqualification
from the event.
25. Each entry must be equipped with a suitable towline.
26. Each participant must have a Coast Guard approved life jacket in their possession on board.
27. Captains will inform their crew of the whereabouts of stored (Coast Guard approved) life jackets
aboard their raft AND will also conduct “abandon ship” drills with the crews donning life jackets before
heading out.
28 We recomended all crew members wear appropriate footwear to prevent injuries.
29. Sun-sensitive participants should wear appropriate sunscreen.
30. Participants should wear an appropriate hat with a large enough visor to help reduce exposure to the
hot sun.
31. All entries must display the vessel name in plain sight and must be clearly visible to the Frenzy Officials
and Judges.
32. All Captains must remain aboard their registered vessel for the entire duration of the Frenzy.
33. All entries must run entire course under no power to be eligible for awards.
34. No Glass Containers are allowed at any time!
35. Each entry must have an adequate supply of drinking water onboard for the entire crew so as to
prevent dehydration during the frenzy.
36. No satellite lines connecting other floatation devices or floats shall exceed 10 feet.
37. All entries must have garbage bags for their own trash.
38. No mechanical devices or tubing shall be used to propel water balloons, spaghetti, snowballs, or any
other dangerous objects.
39. Anyone exhibiting unsafe behavior will be disqualified and could be permanently banned from the
40. Sections of the river can be very shallow in spots and may include submerged sharp objects.
41. All entries must have a designated driver for their put in and pull out at the boat landings.
42. And anything else we can think of.

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